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HATSUNE MIKU Trading Card & Dog Tag Fun Packs - Display Box (24 Packs)

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HATSUNE MIKU Trading Card & Dog Tag Fun Packs 

The teal-haired virtual singing sensation and her friends are now in Fun Packs! Enterplay’s new line of HATSUNE MIKU TRADING CARDS & DOG TAGS will feature 24 beautiful dog tags, 9 FunTat® Tattoos, and 24 trading cards including mind-blowing 3D trading cards. Fans will be thrilled to get their hands on officially licensed, high-tech Hatsune Miku products just in time for Miku EXPO concerts starting in late April 2016!

Trading Card & Dog Tag Fun Packs
Pack Includes:
• 1 3D, Foil, or Regular Trading Card
• 1 Dog Tag
• 1 FunTat® Tattoo card
• 1 Checklist